North Park Neighborhood
San Diego, CA


by Michael James Armstrong

The Vision


VOID's launch project transforms an unattractive 50’ wall into an inspirational public artwork and compelling landmark that encourages community pride and interaction, expresses and promotes the unique neighborhood culture, and supports local artists.


The Artist 

Michael James Armstrong

Michael James Armstrong, originally from Arizona, has spent the last decade working in Southern California. In San Diego, he has his own artist-run space, ICE Gallery in Barrio Logan, with consistently rotating artist exhibitions.


Armstrong works predominantly with large scale art deco architectural pieces and light installations using a variety of media and techniques with the intention to illuminate and brighten spaces. His work aims to enable its audience to see and feel a space with a different perspective, and allows for the discovery of beauty in both ordinary and unusual places. 

The Opportunity

The endeavor capitalizes on 500 linear feet of lackluster wall space in San Diego’s thriving North Park neighborhood, converting it into a positive and attractive artwork. The finished work is conceived to transform this block to a stimulating and congenial place filled with energy and life; promoting walkability, community engagement, and neighborhood pride. 

The Objective

In line with the VOID mission, the Louisiana Wall seeks to enhance the visual identity of San Diego’s North Park community and environment through engagement of its residents, businesses and constituents. VOID has partnered with The San Diego Creative Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit, in order to facilitate tax deductible donations from our supporters, whose gifts will be commemorated through multiple methods, including permanent acknowledgement on the Wall itself and project keepsakes. 

The Collaboration

Artist and gallerist Michael James Armstrong has been selected to redefine this space. Skilled in both traditional mural techniques and site-specific contemporary art installations, Armstrong’s concept for the Louisiana Wall incorporates an array of materials including paint, transparent acrylics, powder coated metals, reflective surfaces and LED lights. This use of mixed-media is emblematic of North Park’s racial and cultural diversity, community connection, social consciousness and progressive thought.

The Impact

A prominent section of the urban fabric, the context of this site has an effect on thousands of people every day. Enhancing this underutilized aspect of North Park will activate new life and energy, facilitating increased commerce for local businesses, and a brighter presence in the daily life of commuters, community members and visitors. 

Support the Louisiana Wall

The Louisiana Wall project enhances the visual identity of San Diego’s North Park community and environment. We invite you to support this project with a tax-deductible contribution to our fiscal partner, the The San Diego Creative Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Your gift will be commemorated through multiple methods, including permanent acknowledgement on The Wall itself and project keepsakes.